Wednesday, February 14, 2018

VR Headsets

Virtual reality headsets provide a fully immersive entertainment experience, whether you're looking to watch 360-degree videos, play games or go places you've always wanted to vislt.
After testing and reviewing over a dozen VR headsets, here's our recommendations.
  • Mobile: Our top mobile VR headset is the Oculus-backed Samsung Gear VR ($129). There's a plethora of apps, games and experiences — with fresh updates nearly every week. In addition, the headset now features a new Bluetooth controller and voice command for an even more immersive experience. And if you're one of the many people out there that don't own a Samsung phone and are looking for an affordable piece of gateway tech, check out the Pansonite 3D VR Glasses, which tops our list of VR headsets under $45.
  • PC: If you're looking for a VR experience on your PC, the Oculus Rift (starting at $399) is living up to the hype, especially now that the Touch Controllers are available. The HTC Vive ($599) takes things a step further and lets you actually walk through virtual worlds as well as poke and prod (and shoot) with your hands, thanks to its included touch-enabled controllers.
  • Console: Console gamers only have one option in the new PlayStation VR ($399). But it already has some great Triple-A titles and is the most affordable high-end VR system for the millions of gamers who own a PlayStation 4.
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