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Moultrie A-7i Gen2 IR Black Flash Camera/June 7, 2015

I pulled out two more cameras this morning from the queue of cameras waiting for review. This year the Moultrie cameras have a new look and are referred to as “Gen2” for generation 2. This helps to avoid confusion with models of the same name from previous years. If you purchase a Lockbox in our store make sure that you select the one with “Gen2” in the description.

On the surface a lot is very similar to the A-5 we are reviewing but I will repeat my self here.

This camera is one solid piece with a small door or flap that opens to reveal the buttons, switches, batteries and SD card slot. This puts the entire camera in the back making it easier to aim than those heavy in front camera in the door style that is most typical. We will keep an eye out for leaks around this seal. I have not heard anything but this is something to look for.

The latch feels sturdy with substantial thickness and metal hinges and compresses the door securely when latched. This is good as I feel the rubber moisture seal will hold in a downpour.

The camera design splits the IR array into a right and left side with the PIR on top and lens below. There are 18 LEDS per side for a total of 36. The A-7i has more leds than its sibling the A-5 and I expect will do better in the flash range testing.

The camera supports 8 AA batteries making it economical to run. The bottom of the camera has a tripod insert with the 12v battery IN and USB out ports.

For mounting there are wide strap slots on either side and supplied is a nice wide strap. There are holes for a python in the rear and I believe that you can loop the python around the camera face and around the tree for a better than average security. There is no substitute for a lock box though.

You can also use the python holes for bungee straps which I will likely do. One small difference is the addition of a smokey black whisps of color on the green to give it a touch of camo.

The camera is billed as a 7MP camera with a Low and high setting and a single VGA setting for video (640×480). There are 4 delay settings with the lowest being 10s. A simple switch allows you to change delay, and function. After setting up the date and time, you will likely not need those buttons unless you need to change burst mode.

The Moultrie A-7i Gen2 is a basic camera that is easy to setup and use with features that can make it an economical part of your scouting arsenal.

The day test shots reveal an image that has a bit of fuzziness or lack of contrast. Zooming in a bit reveals a moderate amount of pixellation with a bit of improvement over the A-5 in similar conditions.
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